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Snack Balls - Mixed

Premium snack for rodents and dwarf rabbits

- Raw materials from 100% controlled cultivation

- Raw food quality, gently dried at max. 42 degrees

- grain-free / without additional starch

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- Raw materials from controlled cultivation
- Tooth-friendly and promotes tooth abrasion
- brown linseed, important for skin and coat
- gently dried raw food quality
- without artificial colors and additives
- grain-free and without additional starch
- compostable packaging
- high crude fiber content

Contents per pack: 6 pieces


Composition of Snack Ball Original: meadow hay rich in herbs, linseed
Analytical components: Crude protein: 16.1%, fat content: 5%, crude fiber: 22%, crude ash: 6.9%
Composition of Snack Ball Flower: meadow hay rich in herbs, linseed, aniseed, fennel seeds (sweet)
Analytical components: Crude protein: 23.6%, fat content: 6.5%, crude fiber: 24.3%, crude ash: 8.5%
Composition of Snack Ball Cloud: meadow hay rich in herbs, linseed, nettle seeds, dill seeds
Analytical components: Crude protein: 29.2%, fat content: 10.3%, crude fiber: 23.3%, crude ash: 8.5%
Composition of Snack Ball Star: meadow hay rich in herbs, linseed, black cumin seeds, coriander seeds
Analytical components: Protein: 28.6%, fat content: 7.8%, crude fiber: 23.8%, crude ash: 8.1%
Composition of Snack Ball Sky: meadow hay rich in herbs, linseed, basil seeds, milk thistle seeds
Analytical components: crude protein: 28.6%, fat content: 7.5%, crude fiber: 23.7%,
Crude ash: 8.1%

feeding recommendation

To be fed as a snack.

Supplementary food for all rodents and dwarf rabbits
This product is not a staple food, always
ensure sufficient fresh drinking water
Further information:

scope of delivery

1 x Premium Snack Balls Mixed
Contains at least 3 different varieties
Mixed of the following varieties: Original - Flower - Cloud - Star - Sky
Contents per pack: 6 pieces
Nominal weight: 140g per pack

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High-quality hay from the Allgäu

A high feed quality supports a healthy and long animal life.

We only use raw materials from controlled and sustainable cultivation.

We get our hay from the Allgäuer Heustadl, just drop by.

Allgäu Heustadl

  • Rodent farm snacks

    Our snacks all have a very high crude fiber content.

    Crude fibers stimulate intestinal activity and thus digestion and also promote the formation of important intestinal bacteria.

  • Rodent farm snacks

    We don't have hard pressed kibble.

    Carefully dried and pressed by hand, the ingredients we use (e.g. hay and leaves) retain their structure.

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