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Kosmos Spiele


Hold, care for, understand

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- 214 x172 x8 mm 80 pages
- Release date February 14, 2019
- ISBN: 978-3-440-15995-8
- Colored illustrations throughout

Language: German

Cute, sociable and pretty quick. There's a lot going on with the lively degus: they dig like world champions, bathe happily in the sand, romp around the cage or friendly nibble on their family members. Their optimal posture, a healthy diet and understanding of their nature provide security in everyday interactions. A wealth of game ideas ensure variety and strengthen the relationship between humans and animals.

Everything that is important for species-appropriate husbandry: from the selection and housing of the degus to feeding, care and employment. The plus to the book: The free KOSMOS PLUS app with additional information and films.


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About the author: Christine Wilde

Christine Wilde is an expert in the field of rodent keeping and launched the Nager-Info homepage in 2000 with the aim of improving the keeping and understanding of small mammals. She is home to a lively troop of lemmings and can report on the life of the little rodents from her own experience. She regularly writes articles for various magazines and online magazines.

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