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- Heart Hay Cookies -

Valentine's day for rodents and rabbits.

Love is through the stomach and literally.

The best ingredients make our Heart Hay Cookies a real treat for our gourmets, refined with a pinch of beetroot and tomato.

All ingredients from 100% controlled cultivation and are of the highest quality.

Our cookies are not typical dry food snacks!

They have a moisture content like normal hay - about 12%, crude fiber content of about 22%, and they still have the structure and all the properties of hay. The flaxseed flour used (from brown flaxseeds) only ensures that our cookies can be shaped.

In addition to promoting natural tooth abrasion through the meadow hay, flaxseed ensures good skin and coat.

Small amounts - big effect!

Beetroot is considered a superfood and is bursting with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

It is also said to have a detoxifying effect and help to improve the immune system.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals, and it is assumed that they provide preventive support for the immune system and digestion.

When dried gently, our cookies retain important vitamins / minerals and dietary fibres.

Our Heart Hay Cookies are wonderfully suited to give your animal friends a tasty treat, and not just for Valentine's Day.

Feed recommendation: We recommend 3-4 pieces per animal and week.

Complementary feed for rodents

Content per pack: 8 pieces - in a heart gift bag

- Different sizes

Composition: meadow hay rich in herbs, linseed flour, beetroot powder, tomato powder

Analytical components:

Protein: 23.1%, fat content: 6.4%, crude fiber: 25%, crude ash: 6.9%

Further information:

Our snacks are grain free and added starch free.

This product is not a staple food.

Always provide sufficient fresh drinking water.
Store cool and dry.

Always close opened bags well.

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- Rohstoffe aus kontrollierten Anbau
- fördert natürlichen Zahnabrieb
- schonend getrocknet
- getreidefrei und ohne zusätzliche Stärke
- plastikfreie Verpackung
- hoher Rohfasergehalt
- ohne künstliche Farb- und Zusatzstoffe

Inhalt je Packung: 8 Stück


Zusammensetzung: kräuterreiches Wiesenheu, Leinsamenmehl, Rote Beete Pulver, Tomatenpulver

Analytische Bestandteile:
Protein: 23,1%, Fettgehalt: 6,4%, Rohfaser: 25%, Rohasche: 6,9%

Weitere Informationen:

feeding recommendation

Zu füttern als Snack.
- Ergänzungsfuttermittel

Dieses Produkt ist keine Hauptnahrung. Immer für ausreichend frisches Trinkwasser sorgen. Bitte kühl und trocken lagern. Angebrochenen Beutel stets gut verschließen.
Weitere Informationen:

scope of delivery

1 x Heart Hay Cookies - im Herz Geschenkbeutel
Inhalt je Packung: 8 Stück
Nenngewicht: 100g

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High-quality hay from the Allgäu

A high feed quality supports a healthy and long animal life.

We only use raw materials from controlled and sustainable cultivation.

We get our hay from the Allgäuer Heustadl, just drop by.

Allgäu Heustadl

  • Rodent farm snacks

    Our snacks all have a very high crude fiber content.

    Crude fibers stimulate intestinal activity and thus digestion and also promote the formation of important intestinal bacteria.

  • Rodent farm snacks

    We don't have hard pressed kibble.

    Carefully dried and pressed by hand, the ingredients we use (e.g. hay and leaves) retain their structure.

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