Hay Rack Big

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Hay Rack Big

The hay rack Big is our solution for the much shorter, packaged hay.*

However, our openings of approx. 4 - 5cm still enable an almost natural intake of feed without the risk of getting stuck.

- For a 100% species-appropriate feed intake, please choose our -

- Double hay rack -

Not only suitable for hay, lettuce or whole branches can also be easily inserted and much more. - Try it -


- The hay is held securely and does not come into contact with the ground.

- the animal hardly has to turn its head to get to the hay

- the adapted openings prevent the animals from getting stuck.

- The integrated lid prevents rabbits from falling in

- unpolluted natural wood, straight from the tree Suitable for indoor and outdoor keeping. (For outdoor and fleece posture we recommend our - extra weather protection)


1x hay rack

Dimensions: Height: 36cm - 39cm

Diameter: 20cm - 25cm

Made from untreated solid wood - birch - hazelnut - willow - pine

- Optional with extra weather protection (According to DIN EN 71-3 and non-toxic for animals and humans)

Each hay rack is made by hand and is therefore unique. Shape and appearance depend on the wood used and are therefore never the same. It is a natural product which natural material is subject to fluctuations / changes over time, and the wood may have or still get drying cracks. No liability is assumed for changes of this type / the shape and appearance. *Hay from the trade / packaged hay usually has shorter cut stalks