Drinking station for Living World - glass

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Drinking station for Living World - glass

Whether guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas or degu, our solid wood classic is not a product of the year 20/21 for nothing.

Only our drinking station is so flexible and durable, suitable for almost all drinking bottles and visually unbeatable.

Holds without tying it up, just plug it in and you're done.

Whether indoors or outdoors, everything is done with just one movement.


1x drinking station

- optional with drinking bottle Living World - glass - 177ml / 355ml / 769ml

Dimensions: Height 20cm - 34cm (there are differences in height depending on the species and drinking bottle) Diameter 15cm - 20cm

(Custom-made products possible at any time)

Tip: for optimal cleaning, we recommend our cleaning set

Made from untreated solid wood - birch - pine - hazelnut -etc.

We seal our drinking stations with a protective varnish as standard.

This is essential for longevity, as we always have to reckon with direct water contact here.

- According to DIN EN 71-3 and non-toxic for animals and humans -

Each drinking station is made by hand and is therefore unique.

Shape and appearance depend on the wood used and are therefore never the same. It is a natural product which is subject to natural material fluctuations / changes over time, and the wood may have or still get drying cracks.

No liability is assumed for changes of this type / shape or the appearance.